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The Top 3 Mattress Brands For A Sound Night’s Sleep

July 5, 2022

Looking back to my student days, I can’t believe the horrendous beds I used to sleep on. I was one of those who had a futon that folded into a sofa. It was completely useless for both sleeping and sitting, but somehow I managed it for two years. Add to that sleeping on friend’s sofas or even the floor. If I tried that today I wouldn’t be able to walk properly for days 

Now that I’m older and wiser (with two small kids), sleeping well is so important to me. A terrible night’s sleep makes me tired, irritable and causes my migraines to get worse. Opting for poor quality, cheaper mattresses is a false economy as you find yourself sleeping poorly and replacing them more often. There are a lot of aches and pains that come along with the wrong mattress too. 

When we decorated our bedroom last year, we decided to replace our beds and mattresses too. The one we had just wasn’t working for us. It was too soft for my husband, who has lower back issues and it was the type of older memory foam that really retains heat. I’m the type of person who sleeps with the window open and a fan on, even in winter, so it had to go. 

So I did a lot of research on the best type of mattress for us, that we would both be happy with. These three brands stood out as being the best bet for a sound night’s sleep.


Probably the best-known brand in the UK. Silentnight has been around for over 75 years and that’s for a good reason, they make great products. There is a range of Silentnight beds and mattresses to choose from that are available at prices that suit most budgets. 

Silentnight mattresses are available in a range of firmness options and also include the latest designs and materials including hybrid, gel and memory phones. 

They also have a fantastic blog over on their website you should take a look at. 


Another trusted brand that has been in the UK for nearly a century. Sleepeezee beds are some of the highest quality ones out there. The company invests a substantial amount of money in research and development, designing mattresses for specific needs including back pain, allergies and temperature control. They even have a Jessica range, named for Dame Jessica Ennis, which is designed for active people. 

We also have one of their pet beds for Finn. He loves it, and it’s great for giving him a comfy place to sleep as our house is mainly wooden floors. 


Another brand which combines great design and luxury in their products. I have fallen in love with a Giltedge bed in a gorgeous teal colour. We have a medium pocket sprung Giltedge mattress in our guest room, which we get amazing compliments about when people stay with us. 

This bed is on my wishlist (Picture: Bedstar)

Their mattresses range from medium soft to very firm and incorporate a range of materials including memory gel, memory foam, latex foam and natural fibre filling. 

Why Getting Good Quality Sleep Is So important

Sleep used to be my superpower, I could go to sleep whenever I wanted and didn’t even need to be tired. But as I’ve gotten older and had two kids who didn’t inherit my skill of going to sleep, I’ve come to realise that it’s not just about feeling refreshed. Sleep is important for our mental health too. Poor sleep raises the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, weight gain, diabetes, and dementia. Add to this that an unsupportive mattress can cause problems with your back and joints and all of the pain that comes with this.

Choosing the right mattress is the first step to a great night’s sleep, but if I could give you one more tip, that would be to make sure you have the right pillow for how you sleep. Don’t scrimp on them and combined with your mattress, they will transform the way you sleep. In general, it is recommended that side sleepers have a higher pillow or use two pillows to support the neck. Back sleepers only need a lower, single pillow case to sleep comfortable and keep their neck at the right angle. 

So, when it’s time to replace your mattress and bed, take some time to really consider what type of firmness, material and design is going to give you an amazing sleep.

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