5 Tips For Moving House

October 11, 2021

I’ve moved home a few times in my life in a lot of different ways. I’ve used a full-service removals agency, hired our own van, and once, when I was a student, in a stolen shopping trolley (we were moving to a flat about 200 yards away). 

Moving is a simultaneously exciting and absolute pain. I generally have a relaxed attitude towards most areas of my life, but this doesn’t really help me when I’m moving as I have a tendency to be a bit lazy and leave things until the last minute. 

So, I’ve pulled together some tips to help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. 

De-clutter before you begin to pack

A new home or office is a great chance to start from scratch and de-clutter your life. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have drawers and wardrobes full of stuff that you’re just never going to use. 

You might think it’s a good idea to have a sort out as you’re packing, but it’s not as efficient. By having a huge clear out first, you can then estimate just how many boxes, etc you’re going to need to pack. 

Also, moving can be very emotional, so having to sort through everything as you’re packing can be quite overwhelming. 

Get all of your clothes, books, toiletries, etc sorted before you pack so you don’t have to try and get rid of these in the middle of a house move or end up taking them with you to your new place. 

Hire a good moving company

A friend of mine in London has just had a nightmare moving house. The removals firm that she hired we terrible and the entire experience left her out of pocket and quite upset. Finding quality house removals in London, or anywhere for that matter, is very important. A good company should be helpful, communicative and on the day, should make your life incredibly easy. 

Don’t overpack your boxes

You might think that this is a no brainer, but the last time we moved home, when I was pregnant, I packed a lot of boxes. Logically, I packed them to the point where they could still be lifted, whereas Scott decided that this was a waste of good box space and filled everyone to the brim with the heaviest things he could find. Fast forward five years and he’s still seeing a specialist in hospital due to the damage to his back. 

If you have a lot of space left in boxes, fill it with something light.

Pack by room

Pack boxes by room and label them with the room name as well as what’s in them. Come the day of the move, your removals company can easily identify where everything needs to go and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for without having to guess. 

Start as early as you can

Time always seems to run out on you when you’re moving and there’s still a mad rush the day before to get things finished. So start the packing process as early as you possibly can. Even if it seems months away, there’s nothing to stop you from packing those things that are rarely use and probably won’t need again for a while. 

Hopefully, you found some of these tips useful for the next time you move home. What are your favourite tips?

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