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How To Support Your Ageing Parents

January 30, 2023

How To Support Your Aging Parents

Do you have parents that are starting to show their age? This is perhaps the hardest thing about adulthood as it’s hard to see the people that brought you up start to struggle in their daily life. You will want to do all that you can to help and support them during this time, but this isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t live nearby and/or have your own kids to manage.

There are many things that you can do though, which should improve their lives and help you to feel that you’re doing what you can.

Discuss Their Challenges

Communication is key when it comes to ageing parents. It can be a sensitive topic, but you need to be frank and discuss both their current situation and the future. You should ask them what they’re struggling with so that you can then find the best solutions to these problems.

It’s also important to look out for signs that they are struggling. It’s likely that they won’t want to burden you, so you may need to be the person that initiates these conversations.

Develop A Support Network

As mentioned, it can be hard to support ageing parents if you don’t live nearby and/or you have your own kids to manage. This is why it’s a good idea to develop a support network for ageing parents, which can consist of siblings and other family members, family friends, and neighbours. Finding others that can help with practical support, emotional support, and simply checking in can make a massive difference and help to lighten the load.

Consider A Live-In Carer

An excellent option to consider is a live-in carer, especially if your parents have mobility issues and/or an illness that needs to be managed. You can find carer in London who will move in with them and provide practical and emotional support, which will also provide peace of mind for you knowing that your parent is getting the care that they need and round-the-clock supervision.

A live-in carer can also adapt their responsibilities as your parents’ situation changes. They can help with all kinds of tasks, including washing and getting changed, cooking, laundry, managing medications, food shopping, and much more. Additionally, companionship can make a massive difference, especially if you have a parent that lives alone.

Spend Quality Time With Them & Get Them Out The House

As your parent begins to age, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time worrying about them. While you certainly need to address the challenges that they’re facing, it’s also important to spend quality time with them and enjoy their company – you don’t want them to become a burden (and this is the last thing that they’ll want to be to you). You should also get them out of the house when you can and make sure that they’re involved in your family’s life.

It’s tough to see your parents begin to age, but sadly, this is part of life. The above advice should be useful and hopefully help you to support your parents during this time in their life without them becoming a burden.

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