Working With Brands As A Lifestyle Blogger

February 28, 2021

I’ve been blogging in some way for about 10 years now. I started a movie blog way back in 2012 and it’s still going strong today. It started with me reviewing the things I was watching and reading, then as my following grew, I was able to get collaborations with film PR companies and brands that produced relevant products like TVs and projectors, conventions and merch. I found it relatively easy. The brands that approached me had always done their homework, knew the kinds of blogs they wanted to work with and were upfront about budgets, etc.  Then I decided to start Semi-Charmed Life. 

Lifestyle blogging wasn’t something I even considered until I was pregnant with my first child in 2016. I was desperately searching around for articles about pregnancy and baby items. Then, when Alex was born, I was always looking for advice on weaning, toys, and things to do. 

After a while, I decided to start my own blog. After all, The Book, The Film, The T-Shirt was pretty successful. So I had a headstart, right? Well, not exactly. Since starting the blog, I’ve had wildly different experiences with brands. Most good, a few bad. 

As a blogger, I offer sponsored posts, reviews, and collaborations on Semi-Charmed Life. I’m hoping to be offering social media collabs too when I build my following a little more. 

Rather than me just having a rant about what brands do wrong when reaching out to lifestyle bloggers, I thought I’d just list a few things that brands can do to work together with bloggers to really get the best out of their relationships. 

  • Do your homework – a mass email to every type of blogger under lifestyle bloggers UK with little information is going to create a lot of work for you to sift through all the responses. If you want a particular type of blog or number of followers, then say so. Sign up for a platform such as Get Blogged Blogger outreach services, which can identify and verify good blogs for you. I use this as a blogger and it is now the only one I use regularly. The brands on there are interesting and relevant and it’s a great way to connect with potential bloggers all in one place. There’s also the Get Blogged Marketplace within the platform where you can post jobs and have bloggers pitch to you directly. 
  • Be realistic – there are so many great lifestyle blogs out there, some of which are a way to make a living for the blogger who runs it. Expecting them to do things for free, for exposure, or for a very small amount of money devalues the entire process. 
  • Pay on time – bloggers talk to each other, so if you get a reputation for not paying or being difficult to work with, it will start to affect which bloggers will want to work with you. The opposite is also true, we also discuss the best brands to work with too. 

Recommended lifestyle blogs 

Though I read a lot of lifestyle blog content, there are only a few that I follow closely for new content, the rest I usually find through Google searches or on social media. The ones I do follow are: 

North East Family Fun – now that I have two small kids that I need to keep amused, this North East family travel blog is a great source of information for trips, attractions and food around my region. 

Nomi Palony – another blogger from my neck of the woods. Nomi Palony is a feminist lifestyle blog that covers parenting, fitness, travel and much more. I love the way she writes as she has a very dry sense of humour. 

Elle Blonde – a luxury lifestyle blog, because I dream of the days when the kids are older and I can have nice things again. 

Emily Norris – OK, Emily Norris is a Vlogger. I discovered her when I was pregnant and was searching around on YouTube for pregnancy videos. She’s the only Vlogger I really stuck with after that and her content is all-around family, motherhood, vlogging, travel, and lifestyle. 

The LDN Diaries – before lockdown I would visit London a lot for work or my other blog. I love all of the great ideas for travel, sights, and shopping on this blog. 

There are so many great lifestyle blogs in the UK, and they are a great way for brands to get their message out there and extend their reach. Taking the time to build positive relationships with the blogging community is the best way forward for everyone.

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